February 8, 2012

Let's Get Specific!

I have decided to split the home school blogging apart from the rest of my foster parenting, health-related and occasional political postings.  Unfortunately, 'Windy Hill' was taken at blogger, so Windy Hill Home School it is!  I was glad to see it was still available, so have snatched it up before someone else does. :)

I will attempt to repost the school related posts over here, and if that isn't possible, I will just do a single post with links to the other school posts.  We can start fresh here in 2012, where I hope to get back to a weekly log of what we've been doing, more posting of resources that we use or want to use, and maybe even start linking up with Blog Carnivals, which sounds so fun!

Here's to our freedom as Americans - may we always educate our own children, whether they attend public school or not!

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