March 9, 2012

Post-Storm Learning

Last week at this time we were huddled (me, 5 kids and a large dog) in a rather small bathroom to avoid being swept away by those awful tornadoes.  Luckily, none of them touched down too close to us, and no one I know was harmed.  Last week, my son learned the joy of storm coverage on local TV...mostly that if there is a storm, I turn the TV on during the day, LOL!

As follow-up to the excitement of last week, and the let-down of not-as-much-drama this week, we made a tornado-in-a-bottle.  Very quick and easy - and just look at his face!  (I learned how here, through a link on Pinterest.)

We also did AO's week 28, as written.

In addition, we are continuing to use The Months by Sara Coleridge for copy work - 1/2 a month per day, which is two lines on our lined handwriting paper.  No, its not much but he continues to complain of hand cramps and an occasional allergic reaction to touching paper.  Sigh.  If anyone has a cure for an imaginary paper allergy, I'd love to hear it! (Update: This was my first clue that he has sensory processing disorder, or SPD. We did occupational therapies with him for all of 2nd grade, and he is much improved!)

In math, we were continuing to do Xtra Math each day...until we found Timez Attack will actually work on our Mac now (free download for home use = not tying up our small bandwidth to play).  The way it works is almost identical to Xtra Math in the way it learns what the child needs to practice on and gives more of those problems before moving on.  And it has awesome gaming graphics, which for a 7 year old is a huge draw.  So...not sure which way I'll go with mastering his math facts.

As far as a math curriculum, we are trying out Life of Fred, borrowed from a friend.  As I expected, he resisted at first, but it only took 3 days before he was asking to do math next instead of putting off until last.  Hooray!  We are starting with Apples, and doing one lesson each day.  Its super easy for him right now, but I'm hoping that starting at the very beginning will help ease him into doing the reading of it on his own much sooner, and give him confidence in both reading *and* math.

As for reading - he leaped ahead of the schedule, and is now using a book light each night to read the leveled readers.  He hates reading aloud, and giving him this freedom has been very encouraging to him, in my opinion.  I'll probably give it another week before requiring him to read something to me aloud each day.

All in all, it was a nice, relaxing week.  Next week will most likely not be that way, due to several meetings and the hubby's 7 day business trip.  Wish me luck!

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