February 3, 2013

Year 2, Weeks 9-12

I'll wrap up Term 1 of Year 2 in this post, just a quick recap since life got super busy (insert new foster kids here!) and I didn't keep up with blogging properly.

Week-by-week overview of Year 2

Week 9 began in October.  (Each month starts a new hymn and folk song, and every couple of weeks we study a new piece by the term's composer.)

Hymn study was a favorite of mine - For the Beauty of the Earth.  Our folk song was Early One Morning, which never failed to remind me of the Disney "Pollyanna" movie that I loved as a child.  Pollyanna sings a bit of that song while walking along and playing her "glad game".  Debussey's La Mer, parts 1, 2 and 3, where also enjoyed by my son and I that month.

We took Week 10 lightly, because public school was on fall break, then gave him a couple days off the following week to spend with his grandparents.  During week 10, we finished the poetry of Walter de la Mare and focused on memorizing The Bees Song, which he loved because of all the buzzing sounds when read aloud.
One child of a friend, plus one foster son and the shadow of my arms, oops!

We continued doing an average of 4 math lessons a week, with extra practice or math-oriented stories on the off day...unless he struggled and a lesson took a couple of days.  We kept on with 1 to 2 piano lessons each week, with bits of practice in-between.  We continued with Rosetta Stone Spanish, and the history and literature readings.

By the end of Week 12, we completed Understood Betsy, which we both enjoyed.  We also finished Dangerous Journey and read the intro to Pilgrim's Progress.  We got through chapter 5 in Bob Jones Science 2, through Lesson 53 in math, chapter 14 in Home Geography, started d'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln and The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.  We made it thought lesson 9 in spelling, and through the lesson 22 in the McGuffey second reader.

During weeks 9-12, we also successfully incorporated 3 new children into our home and did the Halloween thing, in addition to continuing taking out son to Minds in Motion twice a week (an hour and a half away).  Which is why I'm posting about October in February.  Such is life!  Its all worth it in the end. :)
He is getting some nice proprioception and vestibular input here!

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