September 30, 2013

AO Year 3, Week 8

I can't believe we are over halfway through this term already.  It has been full of changes and adjustments.  Our foster kids left, at different times for different reason, but they are gone, and we made the decision to close our home for now.  Its been easier, but routines have "gone to pot."  I know we'll get a new groove going soon, perhaps after our fall break next week - we are heading for the beach.  DS really loves the beach!

We are enjoying the books this term.  We will finish Leonardo da Vinci this week, and start Michelangelo after break (both by Diane Stanley).  We finished a children's version of Marco Polo, and will start a more challenging version (by George Towle) of that after break as well.  Other than that, we are following AO Year 3's booklist to a "T"!

Reading in "the fort" with Goosie the cat
Out of the books we are to read this week, he chose Shakespeare today.  I'm amazed by what he enjoys.  Reading aloud to him is his favorite part of each school day, other than breaks.  Typical, LOL!

He struggles with reading and writing on his own - he can do it, but not as much as I would like.  I'm having quite a time determining how much to expect from him day to day, as his mood changes.  His OT told me he likely has dysgraphia in addition to SPD, so I've been learning more about that, and trying to adjust my expectations.

We started a new math program to use in addition to what we did last year.  I'm taking our old math book more slowly, to break up the days we do the new, computer-based program (A+ Interactive).  Its going pretty well, although the emphasis on terminology and definitions took me by surprise.  I don't think he really comprehends wordy definitions right now, but the actual math he has no problems with. He's doing third grade math right now, and is in chapter 3 currently with A+ and Lesson 54 in Graded Work in Arithmetic (which we started last year).

In addition to freshening up math, we have started Creating a Masterpiece for art.  I haven't really done art instruction with him, and am certainly no creative-type myself, although I'm working on that with my new free time.  Due to my lack of confidence in this area, I was glad to find this great DVD program at the Teach Them Diligently conference back in May.  We have completed one project and are now working on a clay turtle.

I will try to be more diligent about updates here, as well as what I'm learning apart from school.  At the moment, I'm reading Waverly, by Sir Walter Scott, along with other ladies on the AO Forum.  I'm also trying to finish the latest Game of Thrones book before leaving for vacation, and its over 900 pages!  I think I can do it :)


  1. I'm often surprised by what my 8 year old enjoys also. I'll be starting year 3 with her in a couple of weeks; good to read about what you're doing & the changes in your family. All the best for this new season!

  2. What a nice find-a video to fit the bill :)


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