April 7, 2015

History in the Making

Today, school consisted of a field trip to Louisville to watch history in the making.  Our U.S. Senator announced his run for the presidency!  We carpooled with a group to increase the fun factor, and enjoyed lunch out after the event.

My husband is a fan of politics - he watches election returns like other people watch ballgames.  I'm SO not kidding!  I find it unusual, but it takes all kinds. ;)  He met Senator Rand Paul in 2006 through the Lion's Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and credits that meeting for sparking a renewed interest in the political machine.  They kept in touch, and he helped Rand with his senate campaign a few years ago, and then became chairman of our local Republican party.  He read Rand Paul's books, and Ron Paul's books, too; he is not typically a reader, so that's saying something.

Fast-forward to today.  We were invited to the announcement event, and got to be in the VIP room before the main event, which meant there was coffee and Rand came in and worked the room and was in lots of pictures.  After VIP time was over, we were all funneled into the main ballroom of the Galt House Hotel, where we waited some more before the videos, pledge, anthem, prayer and speeches began.  At long last, Kelly Paul spoke, then the man himself.  I was in the hallway by that point, as The Boy had to use the restroom, but I could still hear everything. :) I made sure my son heard the announcement itself, which was at the tail-end of the speech.

Here is the Facebook photo album that I began today and will continue over the next 18 months or so.

Below are a few pictures over the years to commemorate this day.


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