April 5, 2015

Week in Review

Monday was a field trip to the Kentucky Museum, located on the campus of Western Kentucky University.  I actually worked in the Special Collections library there too many years ago. :)  We took a tour of the Felts Log House, where the guide told the kids about living in Kentucky 200 years ago.  

They made beeswax candles, then went back to the museum where they learned a bit about the Civil War, and how Kentucky was a "border state" at that time, and Bowling Green was the Confederate capitol of Kentucky, but there were still Union citizens living there...albeit uncomfortably!

I enjoyed the tour, and was glad the Bowling Green homeschool group arranged for it.  Tuesday was occupational therapy and school work; Wednesday was more school work, then his weekly trip to Ma & Pa's, where he watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 via Netflix. 

 We did school work Thursday, then Friday was the egg hunt and fun with Nana and Grandpa, including a local magic show.  He got to go on stage for a "dance party" and then for the final trick, turning a rat into a rabbit.

Saturday he got to hunt Easter eggs, and the weather was just perfect, which was a relief after 2 days of rain and thunderstorms.

View from the bridge on our road - pretty flooded!  Its back to normal now.

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