November 4, 2015

Wednesday with Words: Working the Plan

I have been very delinquent in postings lately!  Life routines changed and that always throws me off from my personal goals.  In order to reset myself and continue to move forward, I decided I needed help.  Mystie Winckler has some organizational courses (see ad in sidebar!) but I had not tried any of them until recently, beyond the freebies (like the Brain Dump).  When the Work the Plan came out, I decided that now was the time to invest in myself.

Some of my free time for the past 6 weeks or so has been spent going through this course, and I want to share some great words - all credit for them goes to Mystie!  So, my new motto is (as written in my Bullet Journal):

and a quote that struck me:

If your life feels out of control or you just need a kick in the pants to reboot, check out her courses!  (Work the Plan is undergoing some changes and will be re-released at a later time, but the others are available now.)


  1. Mystie has a great way of saying things and giving that kick in the pants. Love this!


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