June 14, 2016

This Sensory Summer

Summer is here, and with warmer weather comes new sensory experiences.  Take advantage of as many as you can without losing your mind.

Occupational and speech therapy is on-going, but both therapists say he is doing really well and all he needs is time with other children to practice social skills.  He needs *guided* time with other children, though, for it to be effective, I think, so when they said a new social skills group for ages 10-13 is starting next Friday, I jumped onto that list in a hurry.  We have participate in one a different location and its holistic in nature, and is a great program, but farther away, so its our back-up if the closer one doesn't work out.

The therapists and counselor suggested putting him into several camps this summer.  He refuses overnight camps and I won't force that.  I made him do one at age 6 or 7 that was 2 nights long and very close by, so he's "had the experience."  I discovered some local options for sports, so that is this summer's sensory focus!
Last year we bought a pool pass, and that was worth it - he overcame several fears and was much more comfortable when we went to the pool this year.  First time there this year and he said, "I'm going to go off the diving board."  !!!  He did, many times, and was really proud of himself for facing that final water park fear (which wasn't the jump itself, but the drains at the bottom, which he has always feared).

This year, we will go to the pool less and focus on sports.  We started with a road trip vacation, then jumped into tennis camp.  It was drill oriented, with a very friendly coach, active kids, and was a good overall experience.  This week start junior pro tennis, so he can continue his skills and learn about the matches themselves a couple of nights each week through July.

This week is also Vacation Bible School at our church, which he is not at all excited about.  I'm working with preschoolers and he will be introduced to the youth group with the other rising sixth graders.  Cue the anxiety.  Its each morning this week, but they should be kept pretty busy so I think once the first day is under his belt, he will cope just fine.  If not, I'm on site and available. :)

In mid-July, he will do soccer camp, which is 5 mornings in one week.  Although he has played in our community soccer teams for several years, he has always refused day-camp.  I think he only agreed this time because the alternative was an overnight camp, but he did agree!  Plus, as he is a preteen now, the social drive is kicking up a notch or two.

In between these activities, we will continue to visit the pool, but also will try the different beaches at our local lakes, as well as the creek on our property.  You really can't be water fun in the summer for a cheap sensory experience!

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