July 9, 2016

Getting Started Homeschooling Guide

What did I want to know when I started homeschooling?  Everything.
However, that's a tall order, so I started with the basic information I could find in library books, then looked at internet resources.  I dug deeper and deeper and deeper, collecting and sorting information, until I stumbled across philosophies and methods that were right for my family.

I get a lot of questions from parents who want to start homeschooling but don’t know where to start. "What are the state policies? What are the different types of homeschooling? What home school programs should I use?" Download this free, Getting Started Homeschooling Guide to get the answers.
home school guide
The free homeschool guide includes:

  • Getting started checklist (Tip: Print this page!)
  • Legal policies by state
  • Explanations for 8 types of homeschooling
  • Curriculum suggestions for each type of homeschooling
  • A list of resources that new homeschoolers should bookmark
  • Total of 15 downloadable pages that you can print or save onto any device

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  2. Hi Laura, long time no see! Thanks for this great resource. I will be sharing it with new homeschool parents!

    1. HI Karla! You're welcome, hope it helps!


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