December 9, 2016

The Peterkin Papers

The Peterkin Papers {affiliate} by Lucretia Hale is a collection of short stories about the Peterkin family.  It is scheduled in Ambleside Online year 4 as a "free read".  I'm listening to it via, and they are 4 to 24 minutes long.

The names of the children strike me as funny - Elizabeth Eliza, Agammemnon, and Solomon John and two "little boys" are the siblings.  The parents are Mr. and Mrs. Peterkin. :)  There are other adults - the lady from Philadelphia, for one, "to whom these stories were first told."  They all showed up for a tea party at once and overfilled the house!  They had to improvise on finding more cups.

The children do come up with some funny ideas, and usually run into some trouble by running out of common sense, LOL.   They could be a good stories for practicing problem solving with your own kids!  Mr. Peterkin comes up with some interesting ideas, too, like raising the ceiling in the parlor in order to fit the too large Christmas tree instead of just cutting off the bottom of the tree.  I felt sorry for Mrs. Peterkin several times as she dealt with the mess or aftermath of her husband's and children' ideas.  Not that she was perfect - they went on a trip behind a horse and started out going the wrong way and she couldn't turn around, so they went a long way out of the way.

One of the craziest stories was The Peterkin's Charades.  They acted out an elaborate charade with other children in front of an audience and didn't even know the word they were trying to act out until the very end! Haha!

So, if you are looking for something quick and usually funny, these are worth the read.

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