February 24, 2012

Three-Day School Week

Because of the arrival of preschool foster children (who don't attend school on Friday around here), I wrote out his schedule for 4 days a week.  Normally, this works fairly well.  When public school is out for a holiday (President's Day this time), this makes for a 3-day week, which can be challenging.  He has to put in so many hours to satisfy state law, and I don't like to push off readings until the next week unless absolutely necessary, so we doubled-up.

We did about 3 readings each day, in addition to his own reading practice, copywork and arithmetic.  Since we finished working on phonics, we have moved on to spelling.  Our day looks something like this:
-Bible story
-Recite Bible verses (4+ per day)
-Read 1-3 poems from A.A. Milne's Now We Are Six.
-Work on math
-Read from Ambleside Online's book list (see weekly schedule, term 3)
-Copy work
-More math - I found Xtra Math, and after a few days of resisting, this is working really well at improving his speed at basic arithmetic.  Its free and very simple to set up and use.  A friend also let me borrow the first Life of Fred book, Apples, which I will work in next week.
-Another reading
-piano practice (this is still VERY short and involves arguing daily.  I miss KinderBach!)
-extra (rotate listening to composer, looking at art work, studying nature, sewing)
-any other readings we need to finish

In addition to it being a 3 day school week, it got a little crazy with my husband going to the emergency room Sunday night and staying almost 24 hours in the hospital.  He's okay, though.  Well enough to go on the planned business trip on Wednesday-Saturday.  Never a dull moment...

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