February 18, 2012

Ambleside Online Pinterest Project

I started a project about a week ago for users of Ambleside Online.  When our foster baby went home, I wanted to occupy myself with something useful and had the idea of making Pinterest boards for all the Ambleside years' books.  Along with that, I started a variety of additional boards, such as Nature Study~Science, History~Geography, Bible~Character, Art, and Music Education.  If you are an Ambleside Online curriculum user, feel free to follow my boards here.   The majority of links will be useful to any homeschooler, so take a look around!
If you've already started following me on Pinterest, thank you!  Its exciting to think I'm helping out fellow AO homeschooler's in this small way.  I have gotten 4 more foster children this week, which you can read about here; so, it may take me a while to finish out the rest of years' boards, but I'll get there :)

*Edited to add image.  I have gotten the AO books & resources listed through Year 7 now, and have greatly expanded my other boards.

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