February 15, 2012

Year 1, Term 3 has begun!

Monday and Tuesday weren't bad.  I'm fighting a cold and haven't been at full speed, but that has been balanced by not having any foster kids in the house during school hours, so things are getting done. 

Today was terrible, and I'm not sure why.  I kept my cool, better than usual even...maybe he was ramping it up to see when I would lose it.  Well, I didn't so much as raise my voice, and he almost made himself sick with the fits he was throwing.  He hasn't gotten that bent of shape in a really long time, thank goodness...and maybe that will be the worst for the rest of this school year.

We persevered and got through the school day, and went on to his handicraft hour with my mother-in-law.  He is now doing machine sewing, and today he took the pins out from where they had cut the pattern last time.  Then he sewed and ironed his first pocket onto the apron!

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