June 15, 2012

Updated Schoolroom

As soon as the 2011-12 school year ended, I started reorganizing our dining area for the next school year.  More has been done since this pictures were taken, but nothing too significant.
Before.  Yuck.
I have also purchased this Bible timeline, and am trying to figure out where to hang it.  I have a large electoral map of the United States hanging by the coat closet, so I guess it will have to go on the wall behind the couch, right by the front door.  There is no doubt when someone walks into our house that learning happens here! LOL!  I love the open floor plan of our house, but it sure makes wall space scarce.

Putting new shelves together

Organized books by AO years, labeled folders

After!  Current years books, nature study bag, games and supplies, plus keyboard.


  1. Looks great! I reorganized mine a couple of months ago, but they already need it again. Amazing how fast supplies "breed" in there.

  2. I love organizing shelves! Thanks for sharing your photos. I love looking at other home school learning areas! :) Blessings on your summer.

  3. Looks good!! I just reorganized our homeschool supplies. I ended up putting all of Bailey's books on the floor in a large plastic box with a lid. And then I moved Piper's stuff and all of my resources to a lower shelf where Bailey or Piper could get them for me but high enough where Sabrina can't get to them. One of the many tweaks I've done to make homeschooling with a newborn easier.


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