June 6, 2012

Yahoo! Groups Galore

Since I have trouble remembering all the Yahoo! groups associated with Ambleside Online, and others seem to have the same problem, I am going to list them all here.  Hopefully, this will help others who are new to Charlotte Mason styled education to find the community resources they need.  (The descriptions are copied straight from the home pages.). The official AO, HEO, & AmbleRamble Yahoo groups are all closed to new members and posts, and it is recommended you join the AO forum for up-to-date information.

Also, I want to put a plug in for my Pinterest boards.  I've gotten some great feedback on them, and they are a great resource, with boards for each AO year (0-7 so far), as well as each subject and homeschool planning.  There is also a board for general Charlotte Mason information.

Charlotte Mason

Early Years
The goal of this group is to allow parents to discuss the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling as it related to children, ages birth through 6 years. Charlotte Mason was NOT an advocate of "formal" schooling for these years, instead, she stressed the formation of habits, exploring, and playing.
A group for Charlotte Mason Mom's using the curriculum outline suggested in Karen Andreola's summer of 93 Parent's Review titled, "A Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of Six", and also trying to complete the Kindergarten Skills list as described in Catherine Levison's book, A Literary Education. 
Primary Years 
To discuss the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling elementary age children, and to share the joys and concerns of everyday life.

CM Series   A focused list for those wishing to learn more about the Charlotte Mason method of education by reading her own books and Parents Review articles, and engaging in discussions of a philosophical nature.
CMason  The original CM study loop.  For those using or interested in using the Charlotte Mason Philosophy for education (including homeschooling), or to enrich their own lives. 
Curricula  For buying and selling of living books.

CM for 1  For support from other families who homeschool an only child

Ambleside Online
Disclaimer:  Only a few of these groups are officially affiliated with AO.  The majority are started by AO users when they saw a need.

Year 0  Discussion board
Year 0 Picture Study  Artists' works chosen for the sensibilities of the very young.
Year 0.5  An unofficial AO year, for those who have read many Year 0 books but need to give their child another year before beginning Year 1. 

Year 1 Discussion board
Year 1 Resources
Home to all those little "extra resources" for Year 1 that have grown out of the Ambleside Online list. Here you will find the book lists, formatted e-texts, schedules, copywork, and exams for Year 1 in both PDF and Word docs.
Year 1 Notebook
Home to all of the Year 1 public domain curriculum divided into weekly readings. These files are designed to be placed in a binder for easy organization.
Year 1 Books
For the purpose of sharing reformatted year 1 books. These books should be formatted so as to facilitate easy printing. In the files section you will find a list of books that are needed.

Ambleside Online - CLOSED
A support group for families using the Ambleside Online Curriculum, which is designed to be as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own PNEU schools.  Restricted to parents and to discussion of AO curriculum as written.
AmbleRamble - CLOSED
A private group for AmblesideOnline homeschoolers who would like a list for the purpose of suggesting CM compatible alternatives to AO books, discussion of any and all CM compatible resources, and more general CM discussion and help. 

Member Schedules  For storing and discussing daily and weekly schedules
Schedules  For sharing various formats of schedules made for using the Charlotte Mason curricula Ambleside Online and House of Education.
Lesson Plans

Book Lists  For sharing various formats of booklists made for the books used in the AO and HEO.
NOTE: An up-to-date Google document of the booklists are now available on the AO website.

Curricula  Book buying and selling list for users of Ambleside Online and House of Education.
NOTE: There is now a buy/sell area on the AO Forum.

Picture Study - 1A, 1B, 2, 3 & 4   Each of these groups takes the current terms artist's prints and takes them down to a different printable size.  I use the 8.5x11" prints in sheet protectors, printed on card stock and tacked to the wall.  (Created by mtpine4me2)

1A - beginning with Term 1 of 1999-2000 thru Term 3 of 2007-2008. PDF's sized to fit nicely on 8.5"x11" paper.

1B - continued from 1A; contains 8.5x11" PDF prints from Term 1 (2008-2009) - current term*

2 - current term's artist selections in 4" x 6" PDF (1999 thru current*). Nice size for each student to have for their own personal prints or to place in an album.

3 - 2.5" x 2.5" PDFs; a nice size to use for a matching or memory game

4 - current term's artist selections* plus a selection of additional pictures for further study and enjoyment. These PDFs are 3.5" high by 2.25" wide and are a nice size for card games (Old Maid template included; Go Fish; etc.).

*Excluding Norman Rockwell (2011-12, term 3) because of copyright.

AO Art Prints  For the purpose of storing and downloading pdf files of the art prints that are scheduled. More options but slightly less organized than the groups above. Most are PDFs of single prints, some are all artist's selected prints in one file.  (Created by fr8capt and other AO members.)

Cheat Sheet Project   Will contain information that parents would want to present to their students before a reading.  (This is for collaboration, and once the files are completed, they will be posted to the main AO group's files.)
Copywork Project Dedicated to creating copywork samples for each AO year.
Narration  Share and compile ideas for different ways of narrating the books from AO and HEO.
Exam Project  Share your exam questions and see what others have done.

Cohort Groups, for those wishing to have companions throughout the years.

AO 2011 Cohort - for those who began AO year one in 2011-12
AO 2010 Cohort - for those who began AO in 2010-11
AO 2009 Cohort - for those who began year one in 2009-10

Charlotte Mason Friends in Kentucky  There are groups like this for most other states, too.

Updated 3/5/17


  1. This is great Laura! what a handy list for all those wanting to make sense of all the groups out there! :)

  2. This is really helpful. Thanks for posting.

  3. Could you explain the differences in the picture study groups? Thanks in advance, Leah.

    1. Sure, Leah. I'll go back and edit that. There is no need to join them all, just the one that has the size pictures that you are wanting to print for your family. The groups haven't been updated since Fragonard was the artist, so I'm really hoping that the person(s) providing this service haven't quit.

  4. Just found you from the AO list. I've enjoyed having a bit of a browse around your blog and getting to know you! I too educate an only child using AO but my daughter is older than your son. Jemimah is 10 and in AO 5. I'll be back!

  5. WoW! I hope to use these resources. Thank you. I am starting Year 1 this year with my one son who is Six and 3/4! Loving summer and planning for autumn.

  6. Your blog is so great, thanks!!


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