August 4, 2012

My Favorite Pinterest Boards

As my Pinterest following has increased, I have added a few collaborators so I don't feel as obligated to pin everything myself (see where the project started).  During this process, I have discovered some fantastic boards and wanted to share them with you.  Of course, mine are the best. ;)  I have over 900 followers and will throw myself a Pinterest Party when I hit 1000, LOL.  Watch out for virtual confetti!

You can click the link over there ------> to follow me, or go to  There you will find a board for each Ambleside Online year, as well as other  AO subjects.  I have boards for general homeschooling, homeschool blogs, things for the home, for kids, and for me.  Its great fun to discover new things this way!
Here are the people I find myself repinning from the most, as well as my AO collaborators, and other favorites.  Most are homeschooling and Charlotte Mason related.

Women Living Well
Simply CM
Jimmies Collage
Linnette Doyle
NL Home
Amy in Peru

Enjoy browsing!

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