August 31, 2012

Year 2, Week 4

This ended up being a 4 day week for us, because we got 3 foster kids Wednesday night and there is no public school today (Friday).  So yesterday, we did a little extra so we don't get behind in our AO readings.

Ambleside Online, Year 2, Week 4, with the following changes:
The Bible - we worked through Genesis 13, discussing Noah's flood, descendants, and Abram and Sarai
Tree in the Trail chapter 5 and 6  7-11
Pilgrim's Progress Dangerous Journey ch. 3

We also did one lesson of Rosetta Stone, one episode of Salsa, and about 20 minutes on Noah Comprende for Spanish this week.

For typing, we used a program on my Mac and  Dance Mat Typing from the BBC.  He seems to enjoy it, and is improving on the home row.

We have gotten through lesson 8 in handwriting and lesson 3 in spelling, right on track with the schedule I made.

female rainbow scarab, caught in Sonic's bug catcher
We finally got a real nature study in this week - we had read the introduction to insects and I was trying to figure out which insect to learn about when a Rainbow Scarab (type of dung beetle) showed up.  We captured her and drew her in our nature journals after watching how she tucked her wings back under the exo-skeleton.  Very interesting bug!

top of rainbow scarab
bottom of rainbow scarab
Its also fair week here in our county.  DS entered his casserole carrier (2nd place for craft without a kit) and rock collection (1st place in nature collection).  We'll have to pick up his $5 or so tonight when we go back!

Our best pic of the Rainbow Scarab - notice the red spot on upper-middle back

Here's a fun look back at where we were this time last year.


  1. I love Rainbow scarabs - they're so pretty! We found a completely metallic purple one this year, too.

    At the moment we're sketching a dead cicada that the boys found.

  2. Wait - how did I miss that? 3 foster kids at the same time? Wow, that must be an adjustment!

    1. Yes, it is. I have had up to 5 at a time in the past, though, so this is relatively easy!

      Dead cicada - ick! But good for drawing since they stay still, lol


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