September 9, 2012

Year 2, Week 5

This was a short week because of Labor Day.  And foster kids.  And construction in our house.  And a field trip.

Yet, somehow, all of the scheduled AO readings were completed, along with 3 days of Bible, 2 lessons each of typing and Spanish, a spelling lesson, reading and copywork lessons, math and piano.  I did less of several things, but there is no doubt he was still learning.

The readings for week 5 were followed, except for:

The Bible - Discernment was our character trait, and lesson 13 from Calvary Curriculum
Tree in the Trail chapter 7 - still speeding through to get it back to the library soon; ch. 12-17
Poetry of Walter de la Mare - I only read poetry twice this week, so we are through pg 21 now
Pilgrim's Progress  Dangerous Journey, finished ch 3 and all of ch 4

For piano, we did Lesson 12 from, then tried out a new iPad app.  Its called Piano Dust Buster by Joy Tunes, and is similar to Magic Piano (which my husband loves).  Both remind me of Tap Tap Revenge, or Guitar Hero :)  The great thing about Dust Buster is that it shows the keys and as you (a little granny on the keyboard, holding a feather duster) tap the key at the right time, granny jumps up and dusts the "germ", making music.  Its too cute.  It also has a real piano mode, where your ipad listens to your actual instrument to play the game.  However, we couldn't get it to "hear" our keyboard, so that's something for me to figure out soon!

His Pa is teaching him leather-crafting, and he made some designs on coasters this week.  One had his own name, one said MOM and the third said DAD.  It was cute, and when he came home he had to show us what he learned so laid everything on the kitchen table and promptly used up the "practice" coaster leather that same day.

Cockatoo stare-down

On Friday, I used my Groupons for Kentucky Down Under, which is about an hour from here.  It was a warm day but we both enjoyed it more than I thought we would (I'd heard mixed reviews).
A gray kangaroo, daddy of the joey below
The Lories
Petting the youngest joey - 10 months old

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