August 21, 2013

Not! Back-to-School Pictures 2013

We're part of the iHN's Not Back-to-school blog hop!

As we began AO Year 3 in third grade, and our third year of homeschooling, I finally decided to make "real" back-to-school pics!  (Faces blurred purposely.)

This is my little booger covered in this year's school books, which he thought was hilarious.  Top right is his lesson horse, Dixie, who he practices with weekly.  Bottom right is the books from the left picture, plus the "free reads" (not part of curriculum, but suggested to read on his own or as bedtime stories) and our memory work box.  You'll notice our globe in the background. :)  See more of the school room here.

 Here he is doing some arithmetic on the dry-erase board, with iPad, snack tray and water bottle handy.  The mess on the table behind him is from Furball, the hamster.  He likes to carry bedding and food into the plastic wheel on top of the cage, then run in it, spraying mess everywhere!  At least he doesn't smell as bad as the turtle did last year...

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