August 12, 2013

Where We Do Homeschool

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Where do we "do" home school?

The short answer: it varies!  For a picture story, keep reading :)

Typically, it has been in the dining room, as it is with many other home educators.  In our open floor plan, the kitchen, dining room, living room and entryway are almost completely open to each other, with just one short wall between kitchen and living where the cabinets hang.  At the end of that wall is a low counter, which is my own office area.  (Warning: These pics are real.  I didn't clean or straighten *at all* before shooting them!)
My command center - Mac, student schedule hanging on left, tadpole tank on right, and my paper clutter :-/
Piano, chalkboard, picture study hanging, globe, and shelves for supplies and games
After giving our playroom its yearly end-of-summer overhaul, I set up a small foldable table that we haven't used in over a year.  This will allow for a better handwriting position for the student, and a change of scenery when needed.  Its not the most comfortable place for me to sit, though!  As a bonus, he can bop around on the exercise ball and still see the top of the table.

kid-sized table in playroom
slouching on the exercise ball, lol
In the play room, I have decided to leave the game table up at all times.  I used to have wide open spaces, but as he has gotten older, a permanent Lego location seems more necessary.  The picnic style table can be used for board games with the kids after school time.

Our Settlers of Catan game table (DH's pride and joy), taken over by Legos
Board game shelves, and books stored in banker's boxes
In addition to table space, we do readings on our couch or on the front porch swing when its not too humid outside.  Its a foggy mess out there today!  Here are other random learning spaces in our home.
Bible timeline in entryway (behind front door when opened)
Hallway between dining and play rooms with world map and hopefully a timeline again soon
Sometimes we are able to take field trips, and can listen to some of the AO readings in the car as audiobooks.  We have even been known to "do school" while waiting on appointments.  There is no learning experience so well remembered as real life!

Where do you teach your children?


  1. I love it!! Especially the warning that you didn't clean up. I had just happened to clean up mine. I do it in the summer and after Christmas. I get really nutty with clutter around me. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Michelle :) The clutter bothers me, too, but there's only so much time in a day and its not at the top of my list like it used to be! I should probably put in *on* my list, though...


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