March 10, 2015

Best Kid Ever

Two weeks ago, on the drive home from OT, the Boy told me that his therapist told him he was "very good, easy to work with, and the  Best Kid Ever." Haha!!  I said, "That's great, I'm glad you work so hard for them.  Why don't you work that hard at home?"  And he said.....wait for it..... "because I know you are paying a lot of money and I don't want to waste it."  Very considerate, son.

One of these days, I'll convince him it will save even more money just to work hard for me at home, then we don't have to go to therapy at all!  Ah, he makes me laugh.

My cool Creeper
So, therapy is going well.  He is on week 19 of Minds in Motion (I'm not sure how many there are left), and has very little trouble doing the prescribed exercises.  He does more handwriting for his therapist BY FAR than what he does for me at home.  He does matching games, word finds, mazes, puzzles and more to work his eye coordination and hand strength.  We have started taking his cursive copywork book to OT, so he can continue with school work while there.  They actually did some dictation last week, which is encouraging, as when we start AO4, that's on the list of new things.

They still do feeding therapy, about every other week, and I'm seeing less progress in that area.  He dreads trying foods more than he hates handwriting, and that's saying something!  Progress, not perfection.  Progress, not perfection, Mama.  We'll get there.
Cats - Great for learning responsibility and for sensory input!
Today is a big day.  After regular OT this morning, we are heading an hour and a half the opposite direction (read: we'll be in the car at least 4 hours today) for another evaluation.  This time, he will see a lady who specializes in autism, and will do preliminary testing on that front, and for dyslexia as well.  I don't know how much will get done in one appointment, but it would be great if thorough and accurate evaluation could be done for both issues, as well as ADHD, which often accompanies both autism and dyslexia.  Its going to be a long day, so send us prayers and kind wishes!


  1. Someone should write about the extraordinary level of DRIVING we parents and guardians with quirky kids often need to do to get our kids what they need!!!!!!!!!

    1. absolutely - its rough some times. We used to drive 1.5 hours each way twice a week, so things are actually much better on that front :)

  2. I call it "imperfect progress". It sounds so much more...productive. LOL! (I stole that term from Lysa Terkerst in her book "Unglued".)

  3. I love his attention to trying to save you money. :-) Hope all went well at your appointment. I agree with Full Spectrum Mama---the driving...does it ever end?


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