March 9, 2015

Spring Break means Spring Clean

With exams completed for year 3.5, we are taking a spring break before beginning year 4. This week includes various appointments and evaluations, decluttering and spring cleaning.  The weather is warmer (50's at last!) and the snow will disappear with Tuesday's rain.  Below are pictures of our record-breaking snow in central Kentucky, courtesy of Winter Storm Thor.

I love the feeling of decluttering and spring cleaning.  The idea of making a fresh start is vitalizing!  I'm clearing out clothes, dishes, toys, books, music, movies, games, and home decor a little at a time and loading it in the car to take to my friend's house.  She is having a huge adoption fundraising yard sale in a couple of months, so its the perfect change to help her out, clear the house of things we no longer need, and help others find some good deals.

While I'm at it, I'm going to declutter digitally - getting rid of apps that waste my time.  Those time-sucking games, ugh!  I would be better off reading books, magazines and blogs then playing those silly games.  I've given up specific games in the past for Lent, and while its a late start for this year, I am going to do so again.  I usually find that once I'm out of the habit of playing a particular game, I rarely ever want to go back to it.  And that time will be given to more worthy pursuits...until its not and I have to reassess myself again.

Snow nearly gone!
So I'll be freeing up space in my home, my mind, and finding margin for my day!  What are you doing to declutter your life?

If you feel like you need help freeing up space in your mind so you can just focus, Mystie Winckler has a free email course on how to do a Brain Dump.  I just completed it myself, and its another way of finding a fresh start!
(You can also sign-up for her Simplified Organization course - I have an affiliate banner on the right.)


  1. I love the snowy photos! We hardly get any here in Ireland.

    1. And I love Ireland ;) When our ship comes in, we will come visit you!


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