March 31, 2015

Learning by Hand: Watercolors

As I mentioned last month in Craft Lack, our local homeschool group has the opportunity to take art lessons from a pro.  March's lesson was watercolors, and I paid my fee to join in officially this time. :)

First, we were taught a few techniques, which we practiced on the 3 blocks of paper you see below.  Mine is on the left, my son's on the right.  We learned washing, lifting, dry brush, gradients, wet-on-wet, stamping, splatter, and of course, color mixing.  The we got our new sheets for the tree, on which we used yellow, then blue, to let them run together into a green.  We added shading, then I started on grass and sky but it was time to go :(  I didn't want to stop!

 Next month's art class will be acrylic painting, which we have attempted successfully at home in the past.  I hope they boy feels more comfortable with that, although he has enjoyed this and the drawing class just fine for the first 30 minutes.  His attention and sensory issues just can't let him enjoy it for the full hour at this time.

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