March 26, 2015

Nature Study in March

March.  We had snow melting from February, then we had fresh, new snow and below zero temperatures.

February's huge snow is nearly gone, and then...
BAM!  Another oddly large snow for our area.
We had sun and 68.  We had clouds and 75.  Now its raining and 44.  Who needs the other months of the year??  March has it ALL.  Here are some photos of  our time outdoors, or the birdies at the feeders.

The beginnings of green on the tips of the trees
The first daffodil blooms, followed by...
the entire hilltop covered in the prettiest yellow blooms!
For some extra excitement, we spotted a bird we have never seen before!!  There were TWO purple finches, which our Merlin Bird ID app said was a rare find.  Go us!  My pictures aren't good, though.  The Boy tried to draw it, along with my kitchen with ants on the counter ;)  The bird is brown with a red head, as you can clearly see. *grin*

Zoomed in as far as I could get - 2 purple finches
When they got scared at the front feeder, they flew to the back.
Yes, we had ants invade the kitchen.  We checked them out closely, and attempted a drawing.

Thus concludes March, end of our unit on weather, and beginning of insects.  Since we had both this month, I would call that a success!


  1. Ah ha! So nature study can be rightly done indoors!! :-)

  2. I think indoors was a good place to be. Snow always looks so attractive to us. When my dh was in ? Cleveland for work he went for a walk. At first he wondered why no one else was out & about but it didn't take long for him to realise why.

    1. Yes, I agree that snow is better in pictures than reality :)


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