April 24, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge...is a Challenge!

So I missed blogging yesterday...and I missed at least two days last week.  But, even though I feel slightly like a failure on this, I have still posted much more often than I would have without the challenge.  So, is that success?  It is for me.  Sort of like these strawberry blooms after a frost.

My time has been spent waffling back and forth on why we are pursuing diagnosis for the Boy, having meetings and filling out lots of paperwork.  We had a parent meeting Wednesday, and the Boy has his own meeting with a learning specialist next Wednesday.  This includes an IQ test, which will give us a baseline, and some actual reading/writing/math tasks.  The discrepancy between the two will show there are learning difficulties, then she can hopefully determine what they are and what we can do about them.  I suspect dyslexia and auditory processing issues, in addition to dysgraphia and sensory issues and anxiety.

Apple tree blossoms
I struggle with feeling like I'm putting him through too many tests, and wonder what the purpose of all of it is.  Then other days, I just. need. to. know. if its me, him, or what.  Regardless of my feelings, we are pursuing anything that might help him, and putting of medications as long as possible.

Redbud tree
I've also been spending more time outside - after all, spring is here and some days are just gorgeous!  Yesterday evening, I had several plans, but the neighborhood kids came over to play, which doesn't work out very often, so we stayed.  They dug in the dirt, jumped on the trampoline and played "ninjas" in the playroom, so it was worth it.

Anyone know what this is?
School went pretty well this week, only one day with a real fit, and a few tears on another day.  He's busy learning how to use the weed-eater during free time, and trying to clear our drainage ditches out some.  Its nice to have a "man" about during the day. :D

This weekend we ought to have soccer games, but severe weather and possible tornadoes have been mentioned for tomorrow, and its cloudy already, so it may be an inside sort of Saturday.  I just hope its not a cower-in-the-bathtub-with-2-dogs-and-3-cats-and-3-humans sort of morning.


  1. Ah, it is a challenge, this challenge we've saddled ourselves with. But I for one have been glad you took it up. You have posted quite a bit! Although I have failed much in my own somewhat unspoken challenge to visit other's blogs, yours seems to catch me more than anyone else's. I've enjoyed your posts. Really like the blooms in this one :)
    I hope you get answers soon to the questions you have so you can move forward.

    1. Yes, I have 18 done, and 2 more scheduled already. Not bad, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed my posts!


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