April 25, 2015

Bread and Pears

Last Thursday, the Boy participated in Bake for Good (Kids): Learn Bake Share program sponsored by King Arthur Flour.  A co-op in a nearby county arranged it, and they had several sessions with 12 children each.  The goal was to teach kids something about baking while giving them an opportunity to do good.  In this case, the "good" was several loafs of bread for a local food pantry.   While waiting for dough to rise, cinnamon rolls and pizza were also made, and it smelled delicious.  The Boy did well for nearly an hour and half, then he had had enough, and we hung out a while longer, but left just before the end without eating anything.  Still, it was loud, there were new textures and new people, and even I was a bit overwhelmed, so his shutting down was understandable.

This Thursday, we had art class with the same children, for the most part, that we did watercolors with last month, in a familiar location.  He made it to the end, although I did the stem and the shading on his pear, because he was completely done with the sitting down thing.  Still, acrylic painting, with the drying time between layers, does take a while, and I think we both did awesome!  Next month the lesson is on mixed media, so should be interesting.

Art Class
Some may disagree, but to me, these are considered handicrafts.  He is making beautiful and/or useful things with his own hands.  One other activity that might be considered a handicraft that he does is computer coding.  My husband came across Code Kingdoms, and the Boy has played it 10-20 minutes three times this week.  Do you think coding should be considered a handicraft?

I'll be linking this to Learning By Hand at crossingthebrandywine.com!

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