June 6, 2016

Then There Were None

Agatha Christie, the greatest mystery novelist of all time, some say.  I put off reading her, assuming the language would be difficult or outdated, or the ending predictable.  I was very wrong.

As part of the Back to Classics reading challenge, I chose Then There Were None, which was first published under the name of Ten Little Indians.  (I suppose that name was deemed inappropriate or something, but it actually fits very well with the story.)

This book was a real page-turner and I read it in one day!  I haven't done that in ages, but I literally could not put this book down.  I won't spoil it for you by saying too much - plenty of other people have done that already.  I'll just say its a murder mystery and the mystery begins on the very first page and doesn't get solved until after you think the book is over.  All along the way I got more confused, more involved with the characters in trying to figure out whodunnit.  In the end, I was impressed with not only the elaborate scheme that was pulled off, but also in the storytelling itself, that gave just enough away with enough misdirection to keep you from figuring it out for yourself.

I will definitely be reading another Christie novel in my future.

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