April 25, 2015

What are you selling?

Do you sell something?  What I mean is, are you passionate about a product or company, so much so that you signed on as a preferred customer, distributor, or ambassador?  I do love some companies, but don't seem to have the personality that makes one successful at a home business.  I think parents working from home at a MLM or other type of business is a great thing for families, and try to support them when I can.

I have been with Melaleuca* since 2007, and absolutely love their products and philosophy.  I have tried "doing" Melaleuca as a business twice, and was not successful.  But I am sold, and am a Preferred Customer who will not be giving them up anytime soon.  They have THE best lotion (Renew), laundry detergent (liquid, not the pods...I mean, they have them, but I don't use those), vitamins, supplements, environmentally friendly cleaning products, first aid products, sunscreen, candles....you get the picture. All recyclable packaging, smaller than what you'd expect because most things are super-concentrated, and healthy for you and your home. I don't go a day without their lip balm and vitamins.  If you want to know more, I can enroll you, too, after an online web presentation or phone call.  Easy peasy.

What brought this question of selling/promoting from home to my mind was a friend of mine posted her daughter drinking from a stainless steel straw, and I have been wanting some for a while now.  I asked about them and ordered them, and it led me to hosting a Facebook party for her friend, who is a Norwex consultant.  Now, Norwex is another environmentally-conscious company, who believes in chemical-free cleaning and low waste.  I've had the microfiber cloths below for a while now, along with the hair towel, and like them well.  If you want to give something a try, join my party!


I also am taking Plexus Slim, but am not an "ambassador" at this point.  I'm 3 months into it, and I do feel better, and my cholesterol numbers improved quite a bit, so don't knock it 'til you've tried it. :)

I am also a big fan of essential oils, or EO's.  I joined Young Living about 4 years ago as a distributor to get the best discount.  I need to place another order!  If you want to know more about EO's, there is a free online summit coming up soon, and you can sign up for freebies (books and videos) right now. It is NOT brand specific, so should be an excellent source of information.

I have ordered from Thirty-One, and a few others in the past...I'm sure the list of possibilities is quite long!  So...what is your favorite home business?  Do you run one yourself?

*None of the above are affiliate links.

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