April 10, 2015

Crumbled Plans

Yesterday and today did not go as planned.  At all.  Instead of rocketry day camp yesterday, which was cancelled due to threat of rain, so we had a stay at home day with two different neighbor kids over at separate times, and a chiropractic appointment.  Did you know that chiropractic care can help connect the left and right side of the brains, which helps with "cross-talk" and can improve the symptoms of sensory issues and autism?  I didn't know that until this week, and now we are giving it a try for the boy. So, yesterday was relaxing, with plenty of time to read, but still not the kid-free day I had hoped for.

This guy had no trouble relaxing, either.
Today, my homeschool group was supposed to go to the zoo.  Nearly every family that had committed to come backed out due to illness, so we cancelled that trip.  I am babysitting some for some friends, so it worked out for the best, as they can be hard to handle in public.  But sometimes I just want the well-laid plans to happen!

However, I try to be flexible.  I think not being a foster parent for a year and half now has gotten be out of the habit of being super-flexible!  Anyway, we hung out inside until the dew dried off the grass, and they started running in and out of the house.  A neighbor came over to play, I fed them all lunch and then we headed to a large playground where they played hard for well over 2 hours.  The cloudy and windy day turned quite beautiful!

Saturday is opening day for the local community soccer teams, so we will be getting plenty of outdoor time then as well, followed by lunch and maybe some relaxing screen time before they head back outside.  As much as the boy complains about having "the girls" I babysit around, he loves playing with them and will be sad when they go tomorrow evening. ;)

Tomorrow I plan on writing about my recent reorganization of our school notebooks, specifically what I do with picture study prints and lyrics for hymns.  So check back!

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