April 27, 2015

Organization Details AO4

I've had some questions via social media on the details of my checklist, and I aim to please!  In case you missed it, here is the initial post: How I've Organized AO Year 4.

I have a subject or two you won't have (Seeing Stars, or typing, for instance) and you won't see Latin on there yet, which AO prescribes for Year 4.  But, you are welcome to take what you like and discard the rest.  I intend on changing from Seeing Stars to Latin, and incorporating dictation in with copywork (using Simply Spelling) by the end of the year.  Also, grammar may give way to Latin, depending on the program I choose.

I would like to just take the schedules on AO's website, print them and be done with the planning; maybe next year that will work.  However, our reality is that school (meaning table work and readings) is done in four days most weeks to allow for appointments and homeschool outings.  In addition, my son isn't up to speed as far as attention span and focus goes, so I have spread year 4 out over several more weeks that most will need to do.

With that said, this checklist is very simplified and can work, with slight modifications, for pretty much any elementary or maybe middle school year of AO (can't say, as I'm not there yet).  I have saved it as a Google Sheet, which looked funny, so also have the PDF version (screen shot above).  I'm slightly tech-challenged, so can't tell you if the PDF is editable or not, but the Sheet should be!

Below is what this lovely document looks like after being printed on our wonky laser printer (makes everything yellowish), stuffed in a sheet protector, and scribbled on with dry erase pencils.  This was last week's page, and you can see that I made Tuesday the 21st our "optional" day, and scooted Wed-Fri to the day 2-4 slots.  I didn't write the dates until I was ready to take the picture, and then only for record-keeping purposes.  Giant X's means we skipped it, day 4 says "paint class" at the bottom.  I filled in both the "nature study: draw" bubble and "handicrafts" bubble for that day for the paint class, as it was a pear.  I used a different color pencil each day as well, so you can tell when things happened out of order.  So there you go, in all its imperfect glory!

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