August 12, 2012

Plans for AO Year 2

Its back-to-school time!!  We've had a great summer, much of it spent without foster kids and enjoying the simplicity that brings.  I felt prepared for this week, which always eases the stress and makes things go better all around.

Below is a picture of our weekly schedule.  At first I was going to use Homeschool SkedTrack, which is a free online homeschool planner.  Its good, thorough, but time-consuming to enter everything...and you have to remember to log in daily or attendance doesn't work correctly.  Glad I tried it this summer before entering in our entire school year!

The original planning page, which I tweaked a little, came from Robyn's Master Planner on the AO schedules yahoo group (must be a member to see the files).

UPDATE: Robyn has granted me permission to share her files!  I've uploaded them to Google Drive and all you need is the link!  These schedules/planner are for AO years 1-8, and most are available as pdf and excel files.  (Current for 2012-13 school year only.  For updated versions, please join the AO forum!)

Here is the booklist for AO Year 2.

Here is Year 2's Weekly Schedule from Ambleside Online's website.

Sample from AO, for Year 2, Week 1:
The Bible
An Island Story ch 22 Harold
Trial and Triumph 10. Charlemagne Protector of the Church (742-814 AD)
The Little Duke - first half of chapter 1
Tree in the Trail chapter 1
Burgess Animal Book I Jenny Wren Gives Peter Rabbit an Idea, II Peter and Jumper Go To School
Poetry of Walter de la Mare
Lamb's or Nesbit's Shakespeare: The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Pilgrim's Progress: about 800 words every week (you can download a text file that is broken down into weekly readings for two years, or 72 portions)

Now, here are my actual plans, which differ a bit from the above.

For Bible, I am using Calvary Curriculum.  Free, downloadable coloring sheet with Bible verse, plus word games (crosswords, word searches, etc.) for each lesson.  Calvary takes you very slowly through the entire Bible - no skipping around.  Since we did a good overview last year and got through all the major stories and highlights, I thought it would be a good time to start digging deeper.  My plan is to go through 2 of these lessons each week.  (For the record, its not a very CM way of Bible study, but I will have him narrate instead of answering the questions Calvary provides.  I tried using their questions yesterday.)

Along with Bible, we are doing character study, using Kids of Character from The Learning Parent.  We started this last year, doing one trait a week, and should be able to finish it by Christmas this year.  Then I plan to start it over from the beginning, digging deeper with it as well.  The first time around, we defined the word, copied the verse and discussed it, then did the application "what if" questions and skipped the fill-in-the-blanks and looking at other verses to support the importance of the trait.  I can already tell that he is ready to go a little deeper than he was last year. (Update - we did not go through this book again when it was completed, but continued to work on and review the memory verses that were included.)

I'm using the Lamb's version of Shakespeare like we did last year.  We are using Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress this term, and then will move onto Pilgrim's Progress.  Everything else we are doing as scheduled...provided the interlibrary loan comes through soon on Tree in the Trail!

(This got long, so I'll have to do a part 2!)


  1. Looks like a great plan...very easy to use. Thanks for sharing with the blog carnival.

  2. Thanks for hosting it, Barb!

  3. Love this plan, thanks for sharing!

  4. I need to look at Calvary curriculum again after we finish what we're doing for Bible. thanks for the reminder about it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your plans. I'm interested in starting an Ambleside curriculum with my 7 year old, any advice/tips/suggestions?

  6. You can start year 1 with a 7 year old and be fine. Ally - are you a member of the new AO forum? Go to to register - lots of great advice to be had there :)

  7. What program did you use to create the weekly schedule (on the right side of the binder in the photo)?

    1. That was done in Microsoft Excel, but I can't claim the original. I edited the file that is linked above, just below that photo (on google drive). Feel free to take it and make it your own :)

  8. I just stumbled upon your site and am thrilled to find this resource and your pinterest posts. Thank you SO much!!!!


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