June 14, 2013

Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids - Review and Give-away!

This is my first product give-away! I'm so excited, because this is an excellent teaching tool, whether you homeschool or just want to learn piano yourself. :)

Geared towards kids, FreePianoLessons4Kids incorporates short lessons, original music and a friendly face to teach the basics of the keyboard and more. The video lessons require no input or payments from Mom, other than printing out the accompanying PDF's with games, music scores and further learning exercises.  (I do recommend purchasing the PDF's for the lessons - the reinforcement is crucial, in my opinion.)

While every single video lesson on the website is free, there is a charge to download activity pages, sheet music, practice instructions and a mp3 listening album which corresponds to the lessons. I am delighted to offer you a chance at free copy of these materials!  See below.

My son just completed second grade, and during the school year I used 1 or 2 piano lessons a week, plus 5-10 minutes of daily practice. He enjoyed it and made it through 53 lessons!  He was so proud of himself when he would memorize a new song, and would let me videotape him occasionally or show off to Daddy when he came home.

One thing I really appreciate about these lessons (other than that they are FREE and you don't have to know music or piano yourself), is the method.  It jives well with the Charlotte Mason teaching method we use in our homeschool, keeping with short lessons and making the notes come alive with little stories.  The basic of Sol-fa are practiced now and then as well, and that is a great way to visualize the music.

The only drawback that we experienced was that my 8 year old needs more practice reading the music.  I'm fairly certain he would have trouble no matter the method, so to help I'm leaving music notes on the chalkboard this summer, hoping that he'll accidentally learn where the notes are on the staff. :)

You can connect with the Hoffmans at http://www.facebook.com/FreePiano and http://pinterest.com/hoffmanmusic/, and of course http://www.hoffmanacademy.com/!

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To enter the giveaway for a free copy of the materials for Lessons 1-41, with the Listening Album (this sells for $23.95 on the website), leave a comment and follow the Rafflecopter instructions!  Deadline to enter is Thursday night, June 20th.

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