April 19, 2018

Why Host an Exchange Student

For me, the real question is "Why not?!"  But since everyone isn't quite as adventurous in opening their home to complete strangers as this former foster family is, I'll attempt to convince you that this is a good idea!

If you homeschool, you know that Education is a Life, and an Atmosphere.  Who and what comes into your home can rock your world!  Think of how much you and your children can learn from having a.) a teenager in the house, b.) dinner with someone from another culture...nearly every day, and c.) seeing your own town, state and country with new eyes.  Think of all the special conversations you could have!

If you have an only child, you know that a bit of extra effort is required to have that "sibling experience".  How nice it is to have a built-in friend at home!  Someone to hang out with, to hit the town with, to show around school, to do the whole "senior year" adventure together?  Awesome.

If you don't homeschool or have an only child, why would you host?  Still the same reasons, actually. Expand your worldview, enjoy foods and stories from other cultures, enjoy a new son or daughter, or sibling.  Love more.  Laugh more.  Do more.

If you don't have children at all?  Can you host?  Should you?  Yes!  Hosting is great for empty-nesters who want to feel more a part of the community again.  Hosting can be a wonderful parenting experience for those who never had their own children.

These teens, ages 15-18, are thoroughly vetted and safe to have in your home.  Their English has to meet a certain standard to get into the EF High School Exchange Year program.

So, give it some thought!  I can help connect you to someone in your area (within the USA) who works with EF and see if this is right for your family.

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