September 9, 2014

What is missing since we quit OT?

Its been almost a year since The Boy's pediatric occupational therapist (OT) 'graduated' him because he was doing "so well".    I was glad for the break from appointments and bills, and planned on continuing what I had learned with him at home.

Its been a couple of months since we both agreed that he needs to go back.  Today he will go to a new pediatric OT practice for a two-hour evaluation, to see what services they believe will benefit him.  I'm excited, because we have been quite stuck without a weekly visit to encourage him and hold him accountable to the at-home exercises!

Here are some things I've noticed lacking, since we don't have the accountability of an OT.

  • He will not do the recommend exercises or techniques, even when he knows they will help him calm down
  • I will not remind him to do the daily preventative routines, including special music, brushing and joint compressions, heavy work routines, and more.  Its a big job and a lot of work to stay on track, and once I am out of that routine....I cannot get back to it.  Between my resistance and his, it ain't happenin'.
  • I can push sensory explanations for his behavior to the background, without the regular reminder that he really does have a difference from others...he just looks so normal, LOL
  • He has less motivation for trying new foods because no one will be asking him on Tuesday what he's been eating.
  • The release and centeredness that came from that actual OT session, reminding him of how good he does feel when he follows the routines.
What sort of things do you miss when your sensory kiddo skips a session or has graduated from OT?

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